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Like many photographers before her, Amy Perlmutter enjoys viewing the world through her camera lens. She then presents what she sees and what it means to her through her photographic vision.  Amy’s fascination with photography was inspired by her experience in classes at Highland Park High school in IL and it continues to this day. Photography has become her life’s passion and she enjoys all types. Since digital photography was “developed”, she has greatly expanded her style and techniques affording her more creative latitude. Now that Amy’s children are grown, she has more time to share her vision of the world around her. She has had several pieces selected for shows at The Art Center (TAC) in Highland Park, Chicago Creative Coalition,  New Pics Show and has won a first place and several honorable mentions. Amy had a show at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and currently is exhibiting at the Jean Albano Gallery. Amy lives in a northern suburb, but she can be seen all over Chicago land camera and lenses in tow.

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