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Now Exhibiting in a Group show at the Jean Albano Gallery 
Featuring the artwork of four local women  
Amy Perlmutter, Allison Zisook, Adrienne Weiss, Annette Turow

Photographer Amy Perlmutter's passion for both color and nature has led her to produce -- Wings Transformed. After spending time photographing butterflies, she was inspired to learn more about these spectacular insects and what can be discovered through the process of shooting ultra-macro images of their intricate wings. Her astonishing photos present the complex patterns and unique translations of these living pieces of art.

Group Show: A is for Albano Artists at

Jean Albano Gallery,

215 W. Superior Chicago, IL 60654

May 26, 2022 continuing through August 2022

More Info:

Other times and personal showing available:

call 312-440-0770

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